Name change for leading manufacturer

ARRK Australia & NZ has had a name change following a decision by management to assume ownership of the Australian operation from their Japanese parent company.

ARRK will now be known as Formero – and it has some exciting plans in the pipeline.

“The change makes no difference to customer and supplier relations and will continue to distribute ARRK’s manufacturing services exclusively into the Australian and NZ markets,” says Formero managing director Simon Marriott.

“This change means Formero has been able to forge ahead with the set-up of our own office in Shenzhen to manage overseas CNC prototyping, tooling and production projects, he says.

“Our customers greatly benefit dealing with an Australian company that has staff based locally and in China. We have a strong reputation for delivering quality prototyping and manufacturing services in less time, with less expense and we take responsibility for what we promise.”

Since Mr Marriott launched the company in the early 90s as Silhouette Designs, it has grown to become Australia’s largest prototyping and manufacturing facility.

With in-house rapid prototyping and tooling technologies, along with an experienced engineering project management team, Formero will continue to provide innovative manufacturing solutions for product development.

Ph: 03 9819 4422