Multi-Purpose Drum Trolley

The multi-purpose drum trolley from King materials handling is shown loading a 200 litre (55 gallon) drum on to a standard pallet 150mm (6”) high.

When the multi-purpose drum trolley is in the four wheel angled position, the approach height and the distance into the pallet is already predetermined. The operator simply pushes the drum trolley against the pallet then raises the handles and the drum is placed safely on to the pallet.

When removing a drum from a pallet – simply ensure the drum is fully inside the pallet boundary, the rim clips are in place, and the trolley toes are fully under the drum, before pulling the handles downwards whilst placing a foot on the small wheel axle for extra leverage.

  • Drum trolley shipping details: 1550 x 600 x 700 mm full size
  • Drum trolley weight 35 kgs
  • Drum trolley is now fully welded, so it is shipped in one piece

The four wheel angled position allows the trolley to be evenly balanced for ease of movement and control. This position also allows the Multi-Purpose Drum Trolley to set the correct height to load on to a pallet. A push down on the handles turns the multi-purpose drum trolley into a drum stand.

The drum stand position enables the drum contents to be decanted. Fitted rollers allow the drum to be rotated to prevent leaks from taps or bungs. To revert back to the four wheel angled position – apply the wheel stop lever, then push the trolley forward.

The king materials handling’s multi-purpose drum trolley solves drum handling problems.


  • Trolley stands upright when not in use
  • Simple- speedy loading of drum on to trolley with minima effort in complete safety
  • Loads and unloads drums to and from pallets easily - with minimal operator assistance
  • Caters for most steel drums
  • Turns instantly into a horizontal drum stand
  • Drum contents can be decanted into a 20 litre container
  • Drum can be rotated to prevent leaks from tap or bung
  • Additional pram handle fitted - prevents operator from stooping when the MPDT is in the horizontal position
  • Wheel stop allows transition from drum stand – back to four wheel angled position
  • Can be a two wheel trolley on large 250 mm diameter wheels OR four wheel trolley for ultimate load balance
  • Heavy tension spring assists operator by absorbing the load forces
  • Main axle wings back to utilise the load centre of gravity rather than the operator fight against it
  • Drum toes specially hardened for long life
  • Drum trolley is zinc plated silver colour with black trim and wheels.
  • Fully zinc plated frame for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Silver and black colour scheme – functionally elegant
  • Full 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship.

Important note: there is only one genuine king multi-purpose drum trolley sold throughout the world – if it is not from king, it will not have the patent protection, design and manufacturing features the king name guarantees.