MTI Qualos has got your measure

For accurate digital caliper readings in the most demanding manufacturing environments, the new IP67 rated Coolant Proof Digimatic Caliper from MTI Qualos has been designed to meet the requirements of even the most rigorous of applications.

The new caliper’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67 means its housing is sealed dust-tight and has also passed a temporary water immersion test proving harmful effects shall not be possible when the enclosure is temporarily immersed in water under standardised conditions of pressure and time. IP67 certification also means the new digital caliper is dust proof, chip proof, coolant-proof and virtually immune to the toughest conditions found on the production floor.

According to the company, it can even be submersed in coolant and still give the accuracy expected from Mitutoyo (.0005”/0.01mm resolution with ±0.02mm accuracy for the 6” and 8” models).

Featuring an absolute linear encoded measuring scale and single battery operation with an expected battery life of three years, the caliper is available with optional accessories such as IP67 rated data output to suit some models.

MTI Qualos has also unveiled for the first time in Australia Mitutoyo’s new fully flexible portable three dimensional measuring device, the SpinArm.

With the new SpinArm you are able to approach from any direction to the workpiece.

The SpinArm boasts excellent portability and can perform measurement close to the workpiece.

With the rotation axis automatic braking mechanism, effortless handling is significantly improved.

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