Moving with the times

Australian Made campaign improves with age

The Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo celebrates its 25th anniversary this year but there’s no sign of the iconic green and gold logo getting old.

On the contrary – like fine (Australian) wine – it continues to improve with age as the notfor-profit organisation behind it, the AMAG Campaign, builds on the stylised kangaroo’s reputation as a powerful marketing tool.

The campaign has kick started 2011 with a host of new initiatives including an app for iPhone and iPad users and a new television commercial – setting its sights firmly on
positioning the logo as a contemporary brand.

Designed by Ken Cato and launched in 1986 by then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, the logo is now used by more than 1700 businesses and can be found on over 10,000 products sold here and around the world.

It’s a collective marketing effort that continues to garner strength, AMAG chief executive Ian Harrison says.

“The number of licensees has more than doubled in the last six years which shows that
it makes sound business sense to use the logo.

Logo users tell us that it generates consumer awareness about the product’s origin – both locally and in export markets – and that it helps to drive sales,” Mr Harrison says.

“Research also shows that the logo is recognised by 94 per cent of consumers and trusted by 85 per cent over any other country-of-origin identifier such as flags, maps and pictures of animals. So it definitely is a powerful marketing tool.”

The free Buy Australian shopping app gives shoppers access to a directory of thousands of licensed products from air compressors to grocery items and everything in between, enhancing the digital presence of registered businesses by delivering up-to-date, reliable information to the consumers’ fingertips.

Meanwhile, real Australian workers are saying thanks to consumers for buying Australian made in AMAG’s latest TV commercial which began screening in January.

The commercial takes viewers behind the scenes of some of Australia’s leading furniture and bedding manufacturers, encouraging consumers to buy locally made items – from mattresses to dining suites – because of their high level of craftsmanship and uniqueness.

The ad was produced by AMAG’s media arm, Australian Made Media (AMM) and filmed on location across three Melbourne factories.

“The unique, branded format of the Australian Made Media (AMM) commercial hooks into both the rational and emotional features of the products. It focuses on the craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of these products and, of course, the talented, hardworking people behind them. It shows that buying locally made furniture and bedding products is a smart purchase decision and good for the Australian community,” Mr Harrison says.

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