Moving security files is now a breeze

A Plus Plastics, innovative developers of market ready plastics products, has launched its most mobile security crate, the 35L Half Security Crate.

The lockable lid with one-way tie ensures complete tamper proof security and the internal hanging rail is ideal immediate in-order storage of hanging files.

The Half Security Crate is perfect for secure document storage and archiving.

It features a hard moulded exterior, which is stackable.

This ensures maximum usage of office or archiving space. It also ensures the crates will never collapse under the weight of files.

When empty, the Half Security Crate can nest over 100 units on a standard pallet.

The Half Security Crate can be made from more economical recycled PP (all black) or virgin coloured material to match corporate colours for MOQ.

It is ideal for many industries including financial, insurance, legal and corporate relocations – or anytime you want your information to remain secure.

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