Mounting elements: correct selection and configuration

Mounting elements are the interface between the vacuum grippers and the handling unit or robot. Their technical design and construction are of extreme importance for the entire vacuum gripping system!


Millsom Vacuum Components offer a wide range of products for mounting suction pads. This results in many alternatives for integration of suction pads into a gripping system.




Basically, a distinction is made between the following mounting facilities:


·   Beams, cross-beams and connectors 

·   Holders and adapters 

·   Spring plungers 

·   Flexible mountings


Beams, cross-beams and connectors

These are used to construct the basic framework of a vacuum gripping system. In order to reduce the number of hoses needed, the beams (sections) can be used as vacuum reservoirs.

Millsom Vacuum Components offers a complete modular system for the flexible construction of load beams.




Holders and adapters

Holders and adapters are used to mount the suction pads on the basic framework or on cross-beams. We provide holders and adapters for use on aluminium sections and on square and round tubes.


For the automotive industry, we now offer new holders which are compatible with all tooling systems.



Spring plungers

These are used wherever it is necessary to compensate for varying workpiece heights. They also prevent damage to sensitive workpieces, since they ensure that the suction pads are pressed smoothly against the surface.

Spring plungers are available in many different versions with a lower damping spring or with upper and lower damping springs. Both of these types are also available in a more robust "heavy-duty" version.

Special spring plungers with an internal spring are used for particularly critical applications. Furthermore, all variants are optionally available with an anti-rotation device. This is ideal for use with oval suction pads, since it ensures that the pad is always aligned in the correct orientation and can be positioned precisely on the workpiece.


Due to the wide range of variants, it is always possible to find the ideal spring plunger for any application and requirement!


Flexible mountings

Flexible mountings are equipped with ball joints or so-called flexolinks. They thus permit the suction pad to adapt itself to sloping workpiece surfaces or to tilted workpieces.

Flexible mountings also prevent premature release of the workpiece such as can occur when handling large, flat sheets which may sag when lifted.




You can also find this information in Section 3 (pages 3/3 to 3/50) of our Main Vacuum Components Catalogue 2007/2008.


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