More protection, less downtime with CEP relays

NHP and Sprecher + Schuh have introduced the newest addition to the DeviceNet ready, CEP series of electronic motor protection relays – the CEP 7 C3.

Boasting all of the features of the C2, the Sprecher + Schuh CEP 7 C3 has added external ground fault protection capabilities, utilising core balanced transformers.

External ground fault CT’s are available from 20mm to 185 mm window sizes.

The same ground fault CT’s can be used with the lower cost CEP 7E ground fault modules.

The CEP 7 C3 version allows sensitive earth fault detection within the adjustment range of 20 mA to 5 A.

The CEP 7 C2/C3 Electronic Overload Relay internally records the last five trips and last five warnings.

More protection means less downtime and greater safety to the motor and personnel.

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