More performance and flexibility for tooling systems

With innovative vacuum components, Millsom Vacuum Components improves gripping systems for the automotive industry

Millsom Vacuum Components now offer two  innovative components for the modular vacuum system for tooling applications: the flexible Holder HTS for fast and reliable adaptation to tooling systems and the powerful Ejector SEAC, which can be mounted directly on the suction pad.



Flexible holder for tooling systems – HTS

The professional modular system for tooling applications in the construction of car bodies consists of suction pads, spring plungers, ejectors (vacuum generators), plug-in screw unions (for connection of the vacuum) and holders. The central element of this system is the holder, since all of the other elements are mounted on it. It is thus very important that the holder can be mounted flexibly on the many different tooling systems! The new Holder HTS from Millsom Vacuum Components is available in versions to match all common tooling systems and with various connections and mountings for suction pads. It thus permits fast, reliable and cost-saving adaptation to all common handling and gripping systems.

In addition, the optimised "gooseneck architecture" prevents possible collisions between the connection clamps and the workpiece, thus improving the process safety and the overall handling performance.

The extremely compact design and the low weight of the new holder also support very dynamic movement of the complete handling system.


Powerful and dynamic – the Ejector SEAC

The new series of ejectors is also a logical consequence of the principle of lightweight vacuum tooling systems. The vacuum generators of the SEAC series are characterised by small dimensions, low weight and very short evacuation and blow-off times.

The ejectors are mounted directly on the suction pads or other consumers, which means little performance is lost. The holding force is thus generated very quickly and the suction pads are evacuated rapidly. The resulting reduced cycle times, in turn, minimise the non-productive times to a minimum and permit more throughput.

Optionally, a vacuum switch for checking whether parts are present can be integrated into the ejector. The sensor for this is either screwed into the ejector or mounted with the aid of a plug-in screw union.

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