Mitutoyo unveils world first in digital calipers

Mitutoyo has long dominated the world market and held the largest share for digital calipers that use an electrostatic capacitance type sensor.

In recent years, with the proliferation of digital calipers, there has been a growing demand for their use in machining sites, and an increasing number of customers have actually used digital calipers in such harsh environments.

For conventional digital calipers equipped with an electrostatic capacitance type sensor, however, there were cases in which normal measurement could not be performed if coolant or other types of moisture came into contact with the sensor.

Under such circumstances, it requires the cumbersome work of wiping away the water and oil, while undertaking the measurement. This is both troublesome and frustrating.

Now Mitutoyo, from MTI Qualos, has released the world’s first absolute coolant proof caliper.

With this new IP67 innovation, Mitutoyo is the first developer and manufacturer of such type of caliper in the world – a caliper that is responsive in harsh conditions, such as water, oil and dirt.

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IP67 protection level
Level 6: Dust-tight. No ingress of dust.
Level 7: Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water.Ingress
of water in quantities causing harmful effects shall not be possible when the
enclosure is temporarily immersed 1m in water under standardized conditions of
pressure and time (30 min).