Miniature Turntable Bearings

CGB has released the Kaydon Reali-Slim TT series of miniature turntable bearings. They save weight, reduce product design envelope sizes and increase design flexibility without compromising bearing performance and life. The thin-section turntable bearings are suitable for applications like robotics, radar antennas and factory positioning and inspection tables.

Compared to conventional turntable bearings they offer a smaller size, allowing greater design versatility and reduced weight. The smallest available bore size is 38.1mm, the largest outside is 190.5mm and 6.35mm high.

An extended radial bearing section increases rigidity and optional preload or clearances to meet application torque or deflection requirements.

They are quick and easy to install and change out and custom configurations can meet specific needs with a range of drive options, gearing/timing belts and mounting hole types. The bearings are designed to withstand harsh operating environments, with steel reinforced seals.

The bearings have a single, four-point contact ball radial design, consisting of a single row of balls with a gothic arch raceway and brass separators for low frictional torque. Radial, axial and moment load-capable, the bearings are pre-lubricated and ready for use. Users position the bearings on the mounting face and tighten the mounting screws. Bearing versions are available with internal or external spur gears for ease of drive setup. Non-geared designs are also available.

Built-in seals are a low-torque design, made of steel-reinforced Buna-N rubber.