Milling machines with real bite

Innovative clamping technology ISO 20 ERM tool holder from Rego-Fix for Haas OM2A Dental gives dental milling tools the necessary “bite.”

Dental parts such as bridges, crowns and implants are high-precision components demanding high quality manufacturing.

Successful dental laboratories rely on micro-milling machines from Haas for best results.

The OM2A Dental allows extremely precise and economical machining of dental technology parts made from ceramic, plastic and metal.

The key to productive high-speed machining is the innovative technical interior including advanced tool clamping technology from Rego-Fix.

Only the special ISO 20 ERM tool holder ensures the precise run-out required and 100 per cent dimensional accuracy even with small tool diameters.

This therefore plays a crucial role in converting the performance of the tool and the machine into quality.

With the HAAS OM2A Dental and the ISO 20 ERM tool holder, dental technicians can overcome special challenges quickly and economically.

Productivity has been increased significantly with this equipment.

The equipment is easy to use with quality milling results – even with materials that are difficult to machine, such as plastic, zircon and metal alloys.

And manual reworking is no longer necessary.

Rego-Fix AG Swiss Precision Tools are available through their Australian agent SEI Carbide Australia.

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