Miller by Sperian - Engineered solutions lead the way

When safety and productivity are on the line, there is no room for compromise.

For more than three decades, engineers and architects have trusted Sperian Fall Protection.

Sperian Fall Protection, is the leading manufacturer of permanent fall protection systems, both horizontal and vertical, and continues to play a leading role in engineered solutions.

All Söll Fall Protection systems offer permanent solutions for vertical climbing and horizontal access.  Each system adheres to the strictest AS/NZS standards, offering users peace of mind and the safest engineered solution currently available.

Söll Protection systems offer a comprehensive range of protection against falls, no matter what the envirnment or application.

The systems available include:

  • Söll Xenon Static Horizontal Lifeline, a permanent static line system
  • Söll Ladder Systems utilising Glideloc technology
  • Söll Vi-Go Vertical Cable System that can be easily fitted into existing climbing devices
  • Söll Multirail Rail System, a smooth guided rail system

Ideal for use across a broad range of industries and environments that demand the highset in safety standards, Sperian Fall Protection offers the optimum in engineered solutions.

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