Ensuring the ultimate safety for workers has always been at the forefront of all Miller products, the leading brand in global fall protection and confined space equipment.

Sperian Protection is committed to providing leading edge technology, new innovations and the highest standards in all safety equipment, including their range of Miller DuraHoistTM confined space and fall arrest systems.

The Miller DuraHoistTM range offers a range of models for a variety of working conditions and needs in confined space as well as manhole and retrieval procedures. Constructed of lightweight high-strength corrosion-resistant aluminium, the range features Davit pivots for ease of rescue and adjusts for overhead clearances, alongside an adjustable Base to fit most standard entries.

A recent addition to the Miller DuraHoistTM story includes a range of extensions to the existing mast system.  Four new lower mast extensions offer additional height options and flexibility, allowing users to accommodate a variety of different overhead clearance applications and uses.

Another component recently added is the DH-AP12, a specific bolt on base for the DuraHoistTM Fall Arrest Posts.  This new base provides added safety and will increase the strength for all DuraHoistTM models.

Two new flush floor mount plate sleeves are now also available to complement the range and come in either stainless steel or zinc-plated steel.

These new additions sit alongside other Miller DuraHoistTM products that were launched earlier in the year.

The Four Piece DuraHoistTM System is a modular design for confined space allowing the use of components in various configurations and applications.  Multiple winches and/or self-retracting lifeline systems may be mounted as required and the height of the mast can be easily adjusted according to users requirements. This system is lightweight and includes manageable components for easy storage, transport and set-up.

The DuraHoistTM One Piece Adjustable Mast is designed for use where multiple offset masts are required.  It can be combined with lower masts, mast extensions and bases and may be equipped with front mounted and/or back mounted winches and self-retracting lifelines.

The DuraHoistTM Three Piece Portable Base is constructed of lightweight powder-coated aluminium and features adjustable aluminium screws and a built-in level indicator for easy set-up on un-even surfaces.  The three lightweight components allow for easy transportation and storage

The Miller DuraHoistTM Portable Fall Arrest Anchor Post has been designed for use on top of transformers or other types of vertical platforms.  This unit provides three independent swivel tie-off points for fall arrest anchorage and three-stage/four position telescoping design. Sturdy aluminium construction allows ease of transportation and setup.  The levelling screws allow the system to be plumbed to vertical for proper working stability on inclines up to 15 degrees.  The Anchor Post also provides Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) capabilities using the HLL Anchor Ring.  What’s more, the Anchor Post collapses into one single piece weighing only 17.5kg.

A wide variety of mounting sleeves are available with the DuraHoistTM range including a floor or wall mount sleeve that is suitable for mounting on horizontal or vertical structures.  Durable Anchor plates are also designed for welding to existing structures and locations.

All DuraHoist products meet all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards.

Make sure you have Miller confined space and fall arrest equipment on your side.

For more information on the Miller DuraHoistTM Confined Space Systems product range, contact your local Sperian Protection sales representative, phone Customer Service on 1300 139 166 or visit