Metric Rod End & Spherical Bearings

CGB has released the range of Fluro metric rod end and spherical bearings specifically designed for the motor sport industry, the MS Series.

Motor sport applications have their own demand on product and technique. Fluro’s task was to create a product that combines high performance and an appealing sporty design.

Driven by customer's needs and in close contact with technicians and university development teams, Fluro developed the MS series.

A special emphasis was placed on the bearing's composition of inner ring, insert, mating surface and housing.

Characteristics of the MS Series

The product’s internal play with "zero" tolerance is achieved through a preloaded bearing. Under normal permissible conditions and usage, a minimal settlement of the bearing components or a minimal tolerance increase at the mating surface will take place.

Fluro's special bearing technology causes a considerably higher bearing life with continuous low internal clearance.

The device’s nickel-plated housing surface with a high polish finish achieves a sporty appealing design, especially on visible components.

This high-quality surface treatment with high corrosion resistance minimises the attraction of dirt and is easy to clean.

With maintenance free rod ends and spherical bearings, the ball revolves on a PTFE liner incorporated into the insert.

The rod ends and spherical bearings can be applied to suspension and steering systems on motor vehicles, stabilisers, rod linkages and steering devices on motorcycles.

The MS Series builds on Fluro's 30 years experience as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of rod end and spherical bearings.

Fluro also offer a complete range of stainless steel and maintenance free rod end and spherical bearings for commercial applications.