Metalsistem Australia’s SUPERBUILD system is the ultimate answer for all pallet racking applications.  It offers optimum use of space and is apt for a broad range of environments or conditions.

Metalsistem SUPERBUILD pallet racking system proved to be an ideal solution for an installation in one of the largest seismic areas in the world, in the Upper Seaview suburb of Wellington, New Zealand.  Wellington has 5 seismic zones recognized as being on par with zones in San Francisco and Metalsistem’s resilient, heavy duty SUPERBUILD pallet racking system was certified for the requirements of the seismic conditions.   

Metalsistem’s SUPERBUILD pallet racking system’s frames offer a stronger section than that of an open C used by other manufacturers.  It also comprises five pin connections that connect in different directions for added safety.  Three anchor points operate in tension and two operate in compression which offers superior strength.