Metalsistem’s SUPER 123 modular containers offer a practical solution to the most complex storage and picking systems.  Metalsistem dealer in NSW, Storage Ideas, utilized the SUPER 123 modular containers for J Leutenegger, a leading company in the textile, craft, sewing and haberdashery industry.

J Leutenegger required an improved solution for the storage of 3500 Storage Keeping Unit’s.  Having so many SKU’s with varying pack sizes and quantities meant that each had to be stored independently of each other with individual bin sizing.  Metalsistem’s modular containers allowed for the efficient storage of all the products and allowed for bin size adjustment without effecting other bays or modular container levels.

J Leutenegger was impressed by the sturdiness and incredible durability of the modular containers and is certain it will be a long term solution for their storage requirements.  Each bay has the same beam levels, which makes for a uniform installation which in turn provides a more regimented storage and picking system.

Metalsistem’s SUPER 123 storage systems modular containers are ideal for making storage processes more functional and efficient and can be adjusted to suit the most intricate storage system.