Meet two AiGTS high achievers

Robert Campion, a talented apprentice employed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Canberra, has won an AiGTS State Award in recognition of his skills.

Robert, who holds a Certificate III Electrotechnology (Entertainment Services), started his training in August 2007 and completed his training in March this year.

As well as the 2011 AiGTS State Award (NSW/QLD/ACT) Robert has also received:

  • 2010 Best Electronic Apprentice Award at (Canberra Institute of TAFE)
  • 2010 Attended (5 day) Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders Program, Canberra Robert is now qualified for a senior role within the ABC.

He feels privileged to work for the ABC because the technology that they employ is at the cutting edge of broadcasting.

Robert has begun an Advanced Diploma of Electronic Engineering at the CIT.

“I saw the Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders Program as a great opportunity to develop my leadership and communication skills, he says.

“When ABC Canberra hosted another AiGTS apprentice last year, I was quick to engage with my supervisor and be taken under his wing. Although I was still an apprentice at the time, I had the maturity, confidence and level of technical skill to assist new technicians to become familiar with the worksite and organisational culture.”

“I am a very competitive student. I was always striving for the best grades and happy to share my knowledge with my classmates before a test to help them achieve good results. It was fantastic being recognised and be respected as a mentor to the younger apprentices.”

The AiGTS 2010 State Award (SA/WA) was awarded to Jock Duncan.

Jock has a Certificate III Electrotechnology (Communications) and is hosted by Codan Pty Ltd, in Adelaide.

He began his apprenticeship in December 2006 and completed his training October 2010.

Jock’s awards include:

  • 2010 AiGTS (S.A) Outstanding 4th Stage Apprentice Award
  • 2010 Duke of Edinburgh Award (Gold Level)
  • 2010 Attended (5 day) Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders Program, Canberra
  • 2010 Finalist – South Australian Training Awards
  • 2011 AiGTS State Award (SA)

“I was one of four AiGTS apprentices selected to meet the top 20 apprentices across Australia and in Canberra to attend the 2010 Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders Program, says Jock.

“Having completed the five-day training, I see myself as a good ambassador. I look forward to encouraging many young people and industry about the opportunities Group Training has for them today.”