Master Blaster: the new S-Series has arrived

With the new SMI-1.0 S-Series Abrasive Blaster you can now achieve a professional class of blast from a highly portable and simple piece of equipment.

The SMI-1.0, from Masterfield Industrial Equipment, has taken all the features of a “small-time” blaster and combined them with the “big-time” advantages of a large system.

The end result is a portable abrasive blasting machine that maintains the performance of the contractor systems.

This means you can now produce (or re-produce) a Class 3 blast profile on-site from
equipment that can fit into a station wagon.

Big-time blasting includes large air piping, high-flow valves, high-pressure capacity and quick acting remote control system.

The SMI-1.0 S-Series system has all these features and more, making it highly efficient and cost-effective.

Couple this with foolproof hose connections, fail-safe control features and lightweight components (the empty blast pot weighs under 40kg) and you have the answer to all your small work and touch-up requirements.

Masterfield Industrial Equipment
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