Marketing tips for keeping sales up during this brief rough patch

By Michelle Gamble

With the change in the global economy many business are feeling the pinch.

Consumers are spending less and business spending is more conservative.

Here are 10 Marketing survival tips to help growing businesses get through the times ahead:

  • Don’t stop marketing and advertising! Make sure you continue to keep your brand awareness up. Don’t get caught up in the negative media hype.
  • Talk to your customers. Talk to as many customers as you can and find out how the changes are affecting them? What stops them from using certain products or services. What could you change to help them?
  • Use the web. Make sure your web site is up to date and relevant. Find ways to get your site linked to from more places. Make sure you are on relevant Business Directories with an up-to-date profile. Keep on top of your Search Engine Optimisation. Send regular email newsletters to keep your customers informed.
  • Use the media. Good publicity is the best advertising there is. Seek every opportunity you can to get in the media. Develop relationships with key journos.
  • Develop channel/referral relationships. Look at how you can increase referrals through relationships with Channel partners (industry associations, businesses).
  • Measure your marketing. Find out how your customers find out about you. Track your conversion and how much each lead and sale costs you.
  • Have good sales processes. Focus on increasing your conversion not just the number of new leads or enquiries. Research unconverted leads to find out why they aren’t buying from you.
  • Add value and over deliver. Thank your customers and try to add value. When times are tough, trusted relationships are vital.
  • Don’t give up! Keep listening to customers, reading media, books and relevant business articles to keep you thinking about your business and how you adapt.
  • Get paid. It’s not really a marketing tip I know but you must make sure people pay you! Stay on top of your receivables. Happy marketing and keep on learning!

Michelle Gamble is founder of Marketing Angels, a national marketing consultancy business for small and growing businesses.

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