Making light work of cutting and drilling

Granite, marble, sandstone and other stone materials have been popular construction materials for millennia, but have always presented craftsmen with significant hurdles when it comes to cutting and shaping.

Market leaders Baldor and Farnese have combined some smart ideas to make the cutting and shaping of these materials faster, more accurate and more cost effective than ever before.

Farnese Australia has been designing and building stone cutting and shaping machines for more than 10 years.

The most recent addition to the range is the Quantum CNC Bridge Saw that utilises Baldor smart servo technology to deliver accurate four axis control in a machine with cutting travel of 3700mm x 2000mm x 300mm and a cutting capacity up to 100mm thickness at rates of up to 3.5m/min.

Alessandro (Alex) Farnese, Manager of Farnese Australia said: “We have been successfully competing against much larger European manufacturers for years, and we believe the reasons for our success include our unique, locally developed and easy to use human-machine interface, plus our ability to deliver fast local support to our customers.

“Using Baldor products is a major cornerstone in both of these advantages because Baldor technology is very powerful and flexible, and they too offer excellent local support for their products.

“Our current expansion plans include selling into Europe, and as Baldor has a well established international support network, we can confidently install Baldor technology and know our customers can get support around the globe.”

The Farnese Quantum Saw incorporates the latest in Baldor digital servo technology, utilising an e100 ethernet based multi-axis controller, four 3 amp MicroFlex™ servo drives and 4 BSM brushless servo motors.

“With built-in real-time Powerlink Ethernet, the Baldor e100 can do interpolation on up to 16 axes which is far more than we need at this stage, but it still proves cost effective for us, and the Baldor Mint language provides an excellent platform for us to work with, said Mr Farnese.

“We also like the technical support we have received from local Baldor engineers during our learning and development periods, and that Baldor provides all of the necessary software tools free, so there are no extra licensing
fees and hassles added to our costs.”

Baldor Australia Pty Ltd
Tel: 1300 225 367