Make the most out of your scrap metal

The cost of buying blank materials like stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium are a considerable expense for any metalworking shop, especially when you take into account a large majority of that material is machined away as waste.

If for example you are only using 50 per cent of an original blank, you want to make sure you have an effective way of reclaiming the leftover waste.

Traditional methods of scrap metal and chip recycling can be messy, hazardous and time consuming and the waste that is produced in loose chip form can take up large areas of space, something most busy job shops can ill afford.

The swarf compacting products available from US based PuckMaster (distributed within Australia by Accessories for Manufacturing Pty Ltd) not only provide an effective and environmentally sound method of condensing your metalworking scrap by up to eight times, but they also allow for the reclaiming of your metalworking oils and coolants in the process.

A PuckMaster system compresses metal shavings and chips into small discs, or ‘pucks’. Each puck weighs between 1.3kg and 3.2kg and is equivalent to about one cubic foot of shavings.

The PuckMaster may be fitted with a shredder that incorporates a parts separator that goes ahead of the chip shredder and separates out bar ends, slugs and hammers.

The units can run continuously while there are chips in the auger hopper box, and, if operators load chips into it at the end of a shift, the PuckMaster can run a shift during the night.

The machines are capable of removing up 98 per cent of the moisture within the scrap metal.

There is far more value in metalworking waste than most manufacturer’s realise.

AFM can advise on how to make the most of your materials.

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