Major coup for Global Track cranes


Global Track, manufacturers of the award winning Global Track overhead bridge crane system, has pulled off a major coup with the signing of a lucrative contract with US industry giant ESCO.

Global Track will supply 30 bridge cranes to ESCO facilities in Queensland and Dunedin, New Zealand.

ESCO, founded in 1913 in Portland, Oregon, is an independent designer, developer and manufacturer of highly engineered wear parts and replacement products used in surface mining, infrastructure development, power generation, aerospace and industrial applications.

Global Track, based in Melbourne, has developed the world’s first pivotal crane up to 15m in length – the longest bridge available.

The pivotal crane uses fixed side rails with an oscillating, articulating and pivoting bridge via a unique ball pivot and u-hanger.

The bridge located between the upper and lower pivots reduces sway usually found in cranes with pivoting side rails.

The shorter end carriage allows the crane to move in close to walls and little effort (one hand) is required to “push” global track because the pivot system allows the end carriage to work independently.

The loaded carriage will move with the opposing end remaining motionless until the inertia of the bridge starts it moving.

When the loaded carriage stops, the pivot system absorbs the inertia as the bridge comes to a slow standstill.

The long travel rails are directly mounted to the roof support or a stand-alone structure eliminating any need for support rods or pivot side rails.

Global Track
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