Maintaining pH electrodes improves plant efficiency

Process instrumentation technicians who implement good pH electrode maintenance regimes get more than just more accurate pH measurement.

They also benefit from a longer interval between cleaning cycles and extended productivity during a longer lifecycle, significantly reducing running costs.

Users often believe that a sluggish or non-responsive pH electrode indicates a failed probe. In most instances, the pH electrode can be ‘revived’ just by applying the correct chemical cleaning procedure.

The frequency with which pH electrodes require cleaning varies with the application and the process.

Typically in water/wastewater applications, electrodes may require cleaning every three months, whilst in harsher applications such as mining and chemical industries it could be daily.

To avoid plant disruption or process downtime, it is recommended that the electrode be swapped with a replacement before it becomes sluggish or ceases to function.

Endress+Hauser are the only company to offer inductively coupled, contact free, pre-calibrated pH electrodes.

Using Memosens technology from Endress+Hauser facilitates the better management of electrodes, reducing the possibility of ‘expired’ electrodes.

Swapping electrodes regularly with pre-calibrated electrodes is the best way to maximise plant productivity and minimise process downtime.

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