Magnetic Capping Clutches from CGB Precision Products

Magnetic Technologies has released three new magnetic capping clutches specifically for the pharmaceutical, beverage/water and chemical packaging industries, these are now available in Australian through CGB Precision Products.

Most bottle capping clutches today are magnetic but of the synchronous design.

The synchronous design uses two sets of opposed magnets to achieve the desired torque. The result is a noisy, ratcheting effect.

The magnetic capping clutches tighten the cap much like an impact wrench tightens the nuts on an automobile tyre.

With today’s thinner materials, higher speeds and need for more precise torque, synchronous clutches are quickly becoming obsolete in the bottle capping industry.

In the hysteresis design, the magnetic capping clutches drive through a special material called the hysteresis disc. The hysteresis disc generates a completely smooth, highly repeatable, torque to the bottle cap. The result is better torque to the cap and longer life for the clutch.

The following designs are offered:

For pharmaceuticals (952 Type):

  • Torque from .23 to 2.5Nm
  • Small diameter to fit older machines
  • Stainless steel or light weight aluminium design

For beverage/water (MCC 30 Type):

  • Torque from .57 to 3.4Nm
  • Designed to fit and replace most popular brands
  • Sealed for wash down

For chemicals/larger caps (MCC 50 Type):

  • Torque from .90 to 6.23Nm
  • Different input and output designs available
  • Sealed for wash down
  • Available in a variety of stainless steels