Magnatron a big attraction for AFL fans

Conductix-Wampfler, a leader in power supply solutions for moving machinery, was the driving force behind a recent promotion for Carlton United Breweries (CUB) in Melbourne.

Conductix-Wampfler was given a brief to develop a safe and reliable power transmission system for Eriez Magnets that would power the CUB Magnatron.

CUB ran the Magnatron competition to coincide with the AFL grand final and the winners would be given the chance to operate a 10-storey skill tester next to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to lift prizes including a Toyota Hilux.

The design consisted of a 30m crane which lifted an Eriez lifting magnet above an 18m enclosure.

In constructing the project, Eriez’s main issue was how to safely power their system to ensure no chance of power being lost to the magnet during both the lifting functions and the travel functions of the crane.

Conductix-Wampflers engineering and design team implemented a plethora of cutting-edge technologies for a seamless solution which allowed both functions to be operated safely.

The solutions consisted of a Conductix-Wampfler SGR series spring cable reel, for the raise lower functions, and an Activ-8 100a conductor rail system to enable the long travel functions.

The Conductix-Wampfler SGR series Cable reel was setup to be capable of 30m active lift height. It comes built for a high duty cycle of 50,000 operations.

The conductor rail system was designed to supply continuous power while the trolley and cable reel were travelling.

The project was successfully completed on September 25 when 14 winners took control of the Magnatron, which operated safely and reliably.

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