Machtech drives Australian industry

For the past six years Applied Machinery has been supplying Machtech Synchro Pressbrakes to the Australian manufacturing sector.

The range of CNC brakes begin with the compact SPB 40-1500 CNC4 up to and beyond 1200ton x 8000mm.

Applied Machinery has recently sold a PBHS 1200 ton x 8000mm CNC pressbrake to a leading SA company, to be delivered in coming months.

It come down to price,quality and reputation – Machtech was on the mark on each account.

The Machtech machines, along with smart tooling options, are capable of tackling the most complex of bending tasks.

Seven axis CNC, along with CNC bending help and other CNC options make these machines extremely capable in the most challenging production environments.

Delem and Cybelec control options are available, resulting in better customisation and integration with existing systems.

Applied Machinery provides extensive consultation in all stages of sourcing a CNC pressbrake for your organisation.

Applied Machinery
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