Lubrication-Free Plastic Ball Bearings Available from Treotham Automation

In response to rising customer demand for maintenance-free roller bearing solutions, igus has developed lubrication-free plastic ball bearings which are available in Australia through Treotham Automation.

Application sectors for these easily cleanable bearings include the medical engineering, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology and plant engineering industries.

Because of parameters such as temperature, chemical or moisture exposure, there are a number of areas in which the performance of conventional ball bearings is limited and special solutions are difficult or excessively expensive.

The iglidur ball bearings represent the preliminary and primary steps towards technically optimised polymer ball bearings to be available ex-stock with a predictable service life.

The inner and outer races and cage of the new polymer ball bearings are made of a high-performance iglidur material, with the corrosion-free rolling elements made of stainless steel.

Glass balls are available for maximum corrosion resistance, with ceramic as a potential option for the future.

Deep-groove ball bearings are available for shaft diameters of 3, 6, 8 and 10 mm and are temperature-resistant up to 15°C.

While the dry-running polymer ball bearings do not compare with permanently lubricated metal roller bearings with regards to service life, speed, and permissible loads, in many applications this is not an important factor; instead, low friction values and minimum driving forces are the basic requirement.

As igus the dry-running polymer ball bearings do not require any lubrication, they are compliant with food industry standards, and the range will ultimately be expanded in keeping with the company’s ongoing pursuit of customer-specific solutions using its high performance polymer expertise.


igus polymer ball bearings are available ex-stock and can be used in combination with potentially corrosive elements, such as chemicals.