Logistec Stainless Steel Reel Handler

Designed to lift, transport and
position loads the
Stainless Steel Reel Handler
has been developed following extensive market
research into the lifting and handling needs of today’s modern production environments.
The Compac is flexible in design, operator friendly, easy to use and with its
range of features and functionality; it meets the needs of today’s lifting



These stainless steel lifters are
ideal for industries where hygiene and resistance to chemicals is of paramount
importance. They are widely used in the food and dairy, medical, chemical and
pharmaceutical industries.



The versatile reel handler enables
easy and safe handling of reels or coils. The reel handler is used to lift and
rotate reels of film and paper by gripping the reels core and rotating them
over to be placed on pallets or loaded onto a production line. The Compac
Logistec Stainless Steel Reel Lifter is
with a built in Torque limiter to ensure correct gripping pressure is applied
to the reel’s core every time.



All manual handling has been eliminated
with the fully battery/electric reel handler .Powered raise and lower with powered
rotation allows the operator to re-orientate the reel or coil with just the
press of a button. This innovative handler is now available with a fully
integrated ejection collar which eliminates the need for the operator to
manually push the reel off the spindle which may cause injury.