Local council cleans up with Aussie Pumps

Kiama Municipal Council on the NSW south coast recently took delivery of an Aussie Hydrotek trailer mounted portable steam cleaner to aid in the war on graffiti and to clean public areas in time for summer visitors.

The 3200psi Aussie Steamer, mounted in a galvanised heavy-duty trailer, enables the Counil to carry out a wide range of cleaning chores without using harmful chemicals or cleaning aids.

The machine, delivered as part of a package called the Aussie JAW (Just Add Water) is fitted with an 800L water tank, enabling the machine to transport its own water to the site.

The heart of the system is an Aussie Hydrotek engine drive steam cleaner, powered by a Honda electric start petrol engine, with the capacity to deliver scorching 130ºC steam. The Aussie Pump system enables the operator to dial up the steam required for the job, from normal ambient cold water, to a maximum temperature at the twist
of the wrist.

The Aussie JAW is designed to be ideal for professional cleaning tasks like graffiti removal, steaming and sanitising public toilet facilities, even cleaning equipment in the field.

The kit includes a flat surface cleaner for use on pavements, parking areas or plazas, enabling the operator to remove food stains, oil or grease spills, or paint, quickly and efficiently.

“During the handover of the machine and the operator’s training course, we melted graffiti from a brick wall,” said Aussie Pumps’ Ali Hamade.

“Put to the ultimate challenge, we even eliminated chewing gum without the machine
even raising a sweat” he said.

Available in pressures up to 5000 psi and with petrol and diesel engine options, the Aussie JAW can be individually tailored to meet a wide range of specialised cleaning tasks.

Australian Pump Industries
Ph: 02 9894 4144