Local All Stainless Sippel Hitech 2000 Electronic Weigh-Packing Mahcine

The locally developed & manufactured, an ALL STAINLESS SIPPEL HITECH 2000 Electronic Weigh-Packing Machine for packing Salt in 15 to 25 kg packs, adds to the Sippel HITECH product range.

These machine provide solid performance with minimal maintenance and quick interchange parts for variations in pack sizes.

Excellent performance, hygienic and accurate fill is possible for packs from 2 to 40 kg.

Fine dry emulsions, pastes, powders, granules and mixtures of these can be handled or even some with moisture/fat content.

The machine's versatility enables a large variety of containers to be weigh-packed efficiently, including plastic, woven, paper or a combination of these materials. Packs or containers filled can be open-top bags, valve bags, drums, large cans, tote bins cartons or boxes.

All machines feature stainless stell in product flow which provides improved wear properties with anti-contamination of product. They are then particularly suitable for use with food, chemicals, minerals, cementicious and some corrosive products.

Clean-out between products/batches is enhanced by easy access and exchangeable hoppers or other change parts, which can save time and risk of different batch or colour contamination. Change parts are limited to between 1 to 4 easily accessible bolts or screws for exchaning in only a few minutes.

Design is compact allowing for good operator and rear access. Narrow width allows ganging for multi-spout operation.