Loading PET bottles with a scissor lift


P & N Beverages (Sydney) are suppliers of branded soft drinks to all of the major food retailers and distributors in Australia.


The production process requires an operator to unload layers of PET bottles into a hopper off a pallet.

The Problem:         

Staff were finding it difficult to safely unload the bottles from the pallet - especially when the pallet was fully loaded. The risk of injury was high and the work rate was reduced because of the limitations of manual labour.

Product Chosen:

AS1-900 Scissor Lift Table with up indexing.

Benefits of this product:

With the aid of the gantry tower and the Safetech Scissor Lift Table the staff can now remove the top layers of PET bottles from the pallet when the lift table is fully lowered. Then by raising the table, via a control mounted on the gantry; brings each new layer to the edge of the hopper for safe and efficient unloading.


All the alternatives that were considered involved hi-tech equipment that would have resulted in higher costs.