Loading Deck to assist with props

Company Profile:

Brisbane Powerhouse is a contemporary multi-arts, dining and conference venue including theatre, music, comedy, film, visual arts and festivals.


Loading and unloading of large sets (props) including sound equipment from semi trailers.

The Problem:

The current operation was grounds for possible damage to goods and property and also the risk of harming operators and those assisting.

Product Chosen:

Safetech ASD2-1600 Double Scissor Lift Table.

Benefits of this product:

The idea of this unit being installed was to increase safety to operators which has now been proven to be the strongest benefit. The size of the scissor lift will accommodate all of their needs from truck height to load size. The size of the platform has allowed them to unload more equipment at a time, increasing effciency.


They considered altering the loading bay by cutting out the existing concrete and installing a dock leveller but this would not have serviced the ground level as well and would have cost two thirds of the price of the Scissor Lift. This alternative would have also caused down time of around three weeks. They commented saying the Scissor Lift was "Unbeatable".