LMC Laser joins forces with Hans Weber

Throw away your angle grinder!

Hans Weber and LMC Laser have announced a new distribution agreement in Australia.

LMC Laser, a leading supplier of press brakes, water jet and laser cutting and marking systems, can now offer the full range of Weber edge rounding, de-burring and surface finishing machines.

Machines are available to de-burr oxy and plasma cut parts. Other machines can round the edges on laser cut and punched parts. Abrasive belts can be added to produce linished or polished surfaces.

“These machines are very popular in Europe with companies who like to provide that little bit extra in quality,” says LMC sales manager John Douglass.

“For laser cut and turret punched parts, the edge rounding is radius-like, even the holes, and is considered to some extent, as a standard in the market today. Fitted with wire brushes, the oxide layer on the edges of laser cut parts can also be removed.”

The STC Bolt Grinding Beam system is a new method for de-burring oxy, plasma and thicker laser cut parts. The combination of drum, flexible abrasive belt and bolt grinding beam provide constant grinding results with no secondary burrs.

The DR Planetary Head system is an innovative technique for edge rounding of turret punched and laser cut parts.

This machine uses double rotation to achieve guaranteed repeatable results with a perfect finish.

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