Lismore City Council’s Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre reduces environmental footprint with Tennant’s ec-H2O™ technology

Lismore City Council’s Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre (GSAC) has been able to implement a cleaning maintenance program which is proven to minimise water and chemical consumption, reduce slip and fall and maintain a high level of cleanliness. 

In 2009, Lismore City Council completed construction of the Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre (GSAC). The centre has been designed and constructed to minimise environmental and social impacts, and cater to the indoor recreational needs of the whole Lismore community, with indoor sport halls, a heated pool, fitness centre, youth and community space and café.

In April 2009, when the GSAC was opened they turned to Tennant Company and their ec-H2O™ technology to minimise the environmental impact on maintaining the facility. GSAC Maintenance Officer, Andrew McCallum explains, “When selecting equipment to maintain the centre it was important to us to employ a technology that was inline with our environmental policies; the Tennant ec-H2O™ floor scrubber is third party certified to deliver a high standard of cleanliness and proven to significantly reduce our environmental footprint”. 

Tenant ec-H2O™ technology electrically converts water to behave like a general purpose cleaner, allowing organisations to clean floors without the use of chemicals and reducing water usage by up to 70%. ec-H2O™ is certified to reduce slip and fall by the National Floor safety Institute (NFSI) of America and Aspen Research Corporation found ec-H2O™ technology to offer superior cleaning performance with many benefits that include; Environmentally friendly, social responsible, sustainable, healthy and safe, simple to use, productive and cost effective.

The GSAC have had the Tennant T5 ec-H2O™ scrubber for almost twelve months now to clean their indoor sports stadiums, pool area, front of house and foyer a total floor area of approximately 2133 square metres. Daily cleaning over a period of just 12 months is able to assist the GSAC to achieve water reductions of over 11,400 litres, chemical reductions of over 380 litres which equates to a saving of over AUD$700 and packaging reductions of over 25 kilograms when compared with a conventional scrubber1. In addition, the increased productivity gained from less dump and fill cycles means that further labour savings of around AUD$700 can be made as the time it takes to clean is reduced1. 

A lifecycle analysis conducted by an independent third party Ecoform, found that Tennant’s ec-H2O is proven to significantly reduce environmental footprints across seven key categories Energy (97%), Global Warming (96%), Ozone depletion (94%), Smog (98%), Acid rain (94%), Water pollution (77%) and Air Pollution (94%) when compared to traditional cleaning chemicals2. 

“To know we are minimising our impact on the environment daily is important and any financial savings are a further benefit. Cleaning without chemicals is better for the staff and visitors. We are minimising daily water usage and our wastewater is safe for stormwater drains which is also better for our community”, comments McCallum.

1These figures are approximate savings (in $AUD) for a Tennant ec-H2O™ equipped scrubber compared to the equivalent conventional Tennant scrubber. Calculations based on general purpose detergent cost $1.85/L at a dilution rate of 15ml detergent per litre of water. Labour is costed at $21/hour.

2 Study conducted by Ecoform. Parameters used 2320 m², small 50cm scrubber, chemical dilution of 7.5ml/litre, neutral pH daily cleaner, 7 days a week. This is a very conservative measure and percentage reductions further improve with larger machines (wider path, bigger tank, and higher operating speed) and increased cleanable area, so for the T5 80cm ec-H2O™, footprint reductions will be even bigger than calculated in this document.

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