Lightweight trestle that works on uneven surfaces

Workplace ergonomics specialist Actisafe has released a unique type of trestle that can be used for a variety of applications.

Actitrestle, an alternative to traditional wooden or metal trestles, is ideal for tradespeople, council workers, maintenance crews and general industrial companies.

The product is constructed from a highly flexible, yet super-sturdy glass-reinforced resin.

The specially engineered shape of Actitrestle ensures it can perform with complete stability even if each of its four legs was placed on a different horizontal.

It is this ability to work on totally uneven surfaces without sacrificing a level work surface that makes Actitrestle unique.

Actitrestle can be effortlessly lifted with one hand, yet each trestle unit can sustain a 300kg capacity load (when evenly loaded).

Apart from the user-friendly weight-to-loadcapacity ratio, Actitrestles can be easily stacked.

Work crews travelling to and from a location in a standard utility vehicle can fit several dozen Actitrestles on the tray.

It is extremely lightweight for safe handling not just on the job site but also during loading to and from transport vehicles.

Actitrestles are completely waterproof and can be exposed to the elements.

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