Lightweight tool delivers heavyweight results

Industrial Air Tools has released a new range of pneumatic 3/8” square drive nutrunners.

These lightweight tools feature an oil-free motor, which has the advantage of low maintenance, cleaner exhaust, less work contamination and no reduction of performance due to low oil levels.

Torque shut-off tools are ideal where high levels of torque accuracy and repeatability are required and where constant use is likely to create operator fatigue due to a repeated torque reaction.

The clutch rapidly shuts off the air to the motor when the preset torque is reached.

This gives ±3% in the torque accuracy, minimal transmitted reaction to the operator’s hand and much lower wear on sockets and internal parts.

Additional advantages lower noise and vibration levels and reduced power consumption.

Three models are available with bolt capacities of 9, 10 or 12mm and torque ranges from 3Nm up to 40Nm.

Industrial Air Tools
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