Lightweight system improves handling

Materials handling specialist Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd is manufacturing a versatile, easy to handle component and materials handling system for companies involved in component manufacturer.

Especially suitable for auto parts manufacturers and general manufacturers working with large numbers of components, the Creform system is a materials handling solution that allows a production plant to operate without lift trucks and fixed racking while increasing OH&S standards for employees, reducing inventory and maximising open space.

This lightweight, logical system reduces dependence on lift trucks as it operates at ground level and requires no racking.

Creform is an adaptive materials handling system for improving efficiency and maximising workspace.

The technology includes a broad line of plastic-coated steel tubes, fittings and accessories that allow building and modification of versatile materials handling structures that can be changed again and again to match ongoing needs.

It is well suited to production systems where the product is continuously pulled by customer orders making it ideal for just-intime processing.

Creform is customised to physically link a company’s manufacturing and assembly stations by moving parts and assemblies all the way along the process line and can seamlessly link all parts of a production plant.

It is made for complete visibility so if one of many lines in any of production is short of components or parts then management instantly knows something needs to be addressed.

Creform systems have been developed on the principle of moving stock (invisible conveyor) so nothing is stored because everything is moving.

It can facilitate “one piece flow,” as opposed to the more common “batch manufacturing” where parts normally sit in stillages until the rest of an order is complete.

The operator of each production section therefore owns the space. Because Creform is completely non-mechanical it gives the operator a better confidence and requires no

Compared against traditional warehouse practice, Creform allows companies to operate a system of shipping and receiving so that it is controlled by the customer through an electronic information stream if desired.

The whole system is configured so that it is very visible to help users make targets to
reduce the level of stock.

Rather than hide problems, Creform allows instant and early-stage exposure of potential snags.

Even the smallest aspects are can be optimised, such as hinges on the midpoint of shelves so they can be flipped over to make it easier to load. The system is easily modified to suit different products, larger sizes, etc as orders come on board.

The visual nature of the workflow provides a greater sense of ownership within the process. Staff can identify concerns as they arise and actions can be quickly initiated to resolve the problem before it becomes a major issue.

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