Lightning fast software for lighting company

When lighting manufacturer, Lumascape recently reviewed their server hardware, they discovered they needed to increase the server unit count.

The most cost effective solution was to replace the existing servers with one new Blade Server system.

The new unit consisted of four blade servers, with each blade running two multi-core processors, 16Gb RAM, 2TB of SAN disk storage all under the control of a virtual machine Server system kernel.

The IT Manager, Allan Hogan migrated all the existing servers onto the new Blade system over a two day period (one weekend) and of greatest importance, this was done with no disruption to manufacturing operations.

One of the larger and more critical applications, the advanced and fully integrated ERP software, VISUAL Enterprise was the beneficiary of the greatly improved system performance. Process intensive tasks such as Actual Job Costing in real time and Finite Job Scheduler are now ten times faster. Most tasks are now being performed in minutes.

VISUAL Enterprise, along with all other server applications, was born anew on the blade servers and the virtual machine system kernel.

Impressed by these improvements, LSA Australia as the national supplier of VISUAL Enterprise software has encouraged other users of this top-ranking software to review their servers, with a view to migrating across to blade servers of a similar specification.

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