Lighten your load with Liftco

The Load Limiter is an easy to install device from Liftco Industrial Supplies that protects against overloading a crane and supporting structures.

Available for all capacity cranes, the Load Limiter reduces the risk of accidents.

Not only is the Load Limiter available preset, it can easily be calibrated on site and can be automatically reset by reducing the load.

Overall, this product will help reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime.

Liftco is a specialist importer and distributor of cost effective, simple and reliable safety and electrification equipment for overhead cranes throughout Australia.

For nearly two decades the company has been supplying Liftco devices to the crane and manufacturing industry.

The primary focus of the product range is to improve safety protocols and help reduce repair and maintenance costs on overhead cranes.

Liftco products suit most types of applications for rope and chain, cranes and hoists.

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