Lighten your load with Demag Manulift

Demag Cranes & Components now offers a DCM-Pro Manulift with a special size gripper for picking up and packing power inverters.

This handling solution for parts with a large surface area is based on the PGS parallel gripper system, which is inserted direct into the control unit by means of a quick-change coupling.

This arrangement allows the operator to operate the chain hoist and guide the load with only one hand.

The load handling attachment has a gripping range of 900mm to safely hold the products. Depending on the application requirements, the opening path can be adjusted up to a distance of 100 mm.

Thanks to the attachments narrow contours, the load to be picked up can be placed direct into a carton.

Due to the width of the power inverters that need to be transported, the operator is unable to observe both sides at the same time when the load is picked up.

Therefore, the retaining arms of the load handling attachment are hinged to avoid any damage to the valuable products. When they come into contact with the load as the gripper is set down, they fold to the side to allow the gripper to be deposited safely and gently. As soon as the gripper reaches its lowest position, the retaining arms return to their normal position and the 90 kg load can be safely picked up.

The DCM-Pro Manulift is designed for handling loads weighing up to 250kg quickly and safely using only one hand. This leaves the operator with one hand free to hold the packing material or to turn the load and hold it in the right position.

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