Let there be light

Traffic movements on a site present particular problems, especially when light vehicles are travelling the same roads as heavy vehicles.

Ensuring visibility in adverse conditions or uneven lines of sight usually means some kind of roof top vehicle lighting.

ACOT 500 has designed a unique, low profile, LED light bar that mounts to a vehicle roof and displays a customised array of lighting.

The Assassin Light Bar is completely adaptable to any vehicle and can be assembled to suit individual applications.

This can include vehicle synchronised tail/brake and reversing lights and indicators and amber, red, white, green and blue warning lights.

The Assassin Light Bar features robust yet lightweight aluminium top and bottom with powder coated steel supporting brackets. The light bar is mounted to the vehicle using
stainless steel clamps.

The PC board is epoxy coated and the polycarbonate lenses have been UV stabilised.

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