Lencrow’s new pedestrian sweeper with vacuum

Lencrow Materials Handling and Sure Sweep have released the SM900 pedestrian sweeper.

This unit has all the advantages of pedestrian sweepers such as, low maintenance costs, low noise, easy for any staff member to use.

It also has the added advantage of battery vacuum which improves dust control and collects more fine particles which stops them being returned to the work atmosphere

The unit’s robust construction makes them virtually indestructible.

The dirt collection hopper is made from high density rust free plastic and has a generous 50L capacity.

The sweepers TRS sweeping system is cutting edge and is fitted with long life polyamide brushes.

The SM 900 smooth running makes them suitable for surfaces like concrete, asphalt, carpet and vinyl.

The unit has a 900mm sweep path with two side brooms, giving an impressive 3150sqm/hr making even big jobs seem small.

“These units are best suited to sites where dust would be a problem to stock and environment air quality,” says sweeper consultant Wally Bowkun Lencrow.

They are ideal for small to medium retail sites like hardware stores, bulk outlets, schools and sporting complexes.

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