Lencrow’s flooded Brisbane office re-opens

Lencrow Group’s Brisbane office was hit hard by the recent floods, with their workshop and factory flooded by more than a metre of water.

Staff had little time to move equipment off site and battled to save their building.

Lencrow’s Brisbane manager Rod Jackson said: “The water inundated the office quicker then they could move goods out with no opportunity to sandbag or remove equipment before the roads were cut.”

Lencrow, which operates hire and service, has been based at Rocklea in Brisbane since 1994 and has never experienced flooding of that magnitude.

Lencrow has now begun the massive task of cleaning up.

“We are going to get ourselves back on our feet quickly so we can get out and help our customers and anybody else that needs forklifts by having them sooner than later, says Rod Jackson.

“We are only here to help people in this time of need and looking only to cover our cost. “Our focus is to help the people of Brisbane through this horrendous time.”

To assist flood ravaged businesses in Brisbane, Lencrow is offering equipment at special prices, with no excess costs.

“Let’s get Brisbane back on the map,” says Rod.

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