Latest pneumatic screwdrivers are torque of the town

Pneumatic auto shut-off screwdrivers are the ideal tool where high levels of torque accuracy and repeatability are required.

They are also essential where constant use is likely to create operator fatigue due to a repeated torque reaction.

The clutch on these screwdrivers rapidly shuts off the air to the motor when the preset torque is reached. This gives ±3% in the torque accuracy, minimal transmitted
reaction to the operator’s hand, much lower wear on screwdriver bits and internal parts, lower noise and vibration levels and reduced air consumption.

Industrial Air Tools has an impressive range of pneumatic screwdrivers – available as straight, pistol grip or angle head. Straight screwdrivers are preferable for vertical
work, pistol grip for horizontal work and angle head for where access is restricted.

However, when working with torques above 6-7Nm, pistol grip models are preferred above straight as they offer superior hand reaction absorption.

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