Lasers now a standard tool in manufacturing

In a move that brought tangible benefits to Asia-Pacific region industries, the UK-based specialist in laser marking systems, Electrox, has realigned its distribution network with 600 Machine Tools.

Both companies are members of the 600 Group PLC.

Electrox is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of laser marking systems.

It has been supplying lasers for materials processing for nearly 40 years and was the first to develop a commercial fast axial flow CO2 laser. It was acquired in 1986 by the longestablished UK-based machine tool giant.

Earlier this year, two 600 engineers from the Sydney and Brisbane branches of 600 Machine Tools visited the world headquarters of Electrox in a purpose-built manufacturing facility in Letchworth, Hertfordshire in the UK.

Sydney-based Patrick O’Doherty says the training provided by the company – which used to be part of the US-based Cincinnati-Milacron group – was extremely rigorous. This did not surprise him, as Electrox is acknowledged as one of the top three in the world in its specialised field of laser technology.

“Together with Peter Griffiths of our Brisbane branch, we underwent intensive training on the full range of laser machines, with special concentration on the two most popular ranges – the Scorpion Rapide and Raptor, says Mr O’Doherty. “These machines can be connected to the 240-volt electricity supply.”

“This high-tech company produces laser machines that are state of the art, and yet are remarkably easy to service and maintain. That minimises downtime and reduces the user’s maintenance budget.”

There wouldn’t be a more ardent supporter of Electrox machines anywhere in Australia than the CEO of Australian LaserTech, Brett Page.

Based in Albury near the NSW/Victorian border for the past 12 years, the company has established a reputation for quality in producing compliance and identity plates for customers throughout the country, mainly on stainless steel and anodised aluminium.

“We started with just one machine, but soon found that the 40-watt Electrox was capable of three times the output of the previous generation, said Mr Page.

“Since then, we’ve added a second machine, and will take delivery of a third one later this year.”

A major benefit of the 40-watt machines was the easy-to-program software, which resulted in fast set-ups.

“Basically, we are into production while others are still pondering how to go about the
job,” Mr Page said.

The present range of machines offered by Electrox is almost certainly unrivalled anywhere in the world.

It includes:

  • Raptor laser marking systems powered by EF Technology, which provides very short energy pulses – 25 nanoseconds (ns) compared to anything from 70–200ns in other systems
  • Scorpion and Scorpion Rapide Yb:Fibre laser marking systems for plastics, metals, and delicate substrates
  • Razor CO2 laser marking system for glass, wood, plastics
  • Laser marking workstations
  • Small footprint turnkey systems to bespoke and in-line configurations
  • Cobra and Scriba Nd:YAG and Nd:Vanadate laser marking systems for plastics, metals, and delicate substrates

Managing director of 600 Machine Tools, Sydney-based Cliff Purser, said: “This range of laser marking systems has changed the rules of the game by making affordable a quantum leap in accuracy but, simultaneously, being quick to program and capable of rapid throughput.

“Current users have proved that the Scorpion Rapide range of Yb:Fibre laser marking systems provides unrivalled beam quality and stability, making them an excellent choice for marking metals and plastics, such as the removal of highly-reflective coatings from delicate substrates.”

The 600 Machine Tools company is strongly represented in Australasia and SE Asia, with branches and distributors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, along with distributors in New Zealand, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

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