LaserBond technology provides key to longevity

When BlueScope Steel needed a lasting solution for its iron ore processing plant at Port Kembla it approached LaserBond, an innovative company specialising in the reclamation and surface engineering of industrial components.

Bluescope uses custom made bars in the conveyor headchute to separate large lumps (300-400mm diameter) often contained in the iron ore blend.

The plant processes about 1100 tonnes of raw material an hour.

The divergator bars feed the lump down an oversize chute and out of the process stream.

“We initially used so called ‘specialty material’ heat treated to a depth of 5-7mm, says Matt Hunter, Bluescope’s Strategy Development Engineer, Ore Preparation.

“But these bars only lasted three or four weeks, he says. “This meant up to 13 weeks downtime while the bars were replaced.”

To solve the problem, LaserBond re-enforced steel bars were installed about August 2005. They are still in service after five years.

“We may have to finally change them in the next few months,” says Mr Hunter.

LaserBond uses cutting-edge technology to dramatically reduce maintenance costs and extend machinery life.

The company specializes in providing solutions for severe environments and critical applications.

About 10 years ago, after significant research, LaserBond commissioned its first laser cladding system giving clients access to coatings and overlays with a full metallurgical bond. This technology permits the welding of precision layers of material, with minimised heat input, and almost no metallurgical side effects.

LaserBond now uses a comprehensive range of thermal spraying, laser cladding and welding technologies, coupled to robotic handling systems.

The company has a comprehensive machine shop to provide a complete portfolio of solutions to a broad range of industries.

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