Large-area vacuum gripper with "suction-pad carpet"

Universal large-area vacuum gripper for handling parcels and packages.

The large-area vacuum gripper systems of the SPZ series from the vacuum specialists, Millsom Vacuum Components, which were introduced last year, set new standards with respect to flexible construction and application. The modular design is very popular with designers and users, since it permits the simple construction of individual gripper solutions from only a few standard components and modules. The series comprises the two basic versions SPZ-S and SPZ-M, which differ only in that the version SPZ-M has an additional mechanical gripper.


The large-area vacuum grippers SPZ are available ready for installation and use for all standard sizes of pallets and also, as special versions, for customer-specific pallets or other carriers. They can be used to lift complete layers of products or individual boxes or packages from a layer. The layer patterns and the box sizes may vary, providing there are no major differences in the box heights. The individual suction-pad modules FXC/FMC of the large-area vacuum grippers SPZ are also optionally available with suction surfaces made of hard-wearing and flexible special foam or with individual suction pads in any desired arrangement.


The large-area vacuum grippers with individual suction pads are better than those with a foam sealing pad in all cases where non-rigid objects, such as cardboard boxes, intermediate layers of cardboard or paper, goods sealed in plastic film, trays, etc., are to be handled. A further advantage of the version with individual suction pads is that they are fitted with our new "plug-in" suction pads which can be replaced quickly and easily if they become worn or damaged. Since the valve technology is integrated into the elastomer part of each suction pad, the pads can be replaced or changed quickly and only a few different spare parts are needed. Furthermore, the pads can be changed without removing the modules, which means that the idle time of the system is very short.


The fast deactivation of unused suction pads, which is controlled by the valve technology, ensures maximum energy efficiency. The large-area vacuum gripper systems SPZ weigh up to 250 kg and can lift a maximum load of 500 kg. Depending on the size of the system and the actions executed with it, the energy consumption for vacuum generation lies between 4 and 15 kW. The systems comply with degree of protection IP 65 and can thus be used in all areas and also in deep-freeze stockrooms (down to -28° Celsius). The large-area vacuum grippers can be mounted on portal or industrial robots and can, as an option, be controlled with input/output signals from a field-bus node. The integrated vacuum-monitoring function guarantees safe operation and the short reaction times for gripping and active blowing-off of the loads permit very short cycle times. The large-area grippers can handle goods of many kinds, complete layers of objects and also the intermediate sheets of cardboard or paper used to stabilise the stack on the pallet. With a single investment, the customer can palletize and de-palletise anything with this system.

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