Large-Area Vacuum Gripper with Individual Suction Pads

New product improves handling of "non-rigid" workpieces such as cardboard boxes, trays, film-packed goods, etc.


For the automated handling of non-rigid workpieces, large-area vacuum grippers equipped with a large number of individual suction pads provide far better results than such grippers equipped with a foam sealing mat.


The vacuum specialists at Schmalz have implemented this principle in a new product.


This new "suction-pad solution" operates far more dynamically, with improved process safety, and offers the users many benefits:



Our highlights – your benefits


Large-area vacuum gripper with individual suction pads

>>  Flexible handling of "non-rigid" workpieces such as cardboard boxes, intermediate layers of paper, film-packed goods, trays, etc.

Plug-in suction pads permit fast replacement

>> Very easy installation, low overall height, low weight

Valve technology integrated into the suction pads

>> Cost optimisation

Soft, adaptable sealing lip

>> Good sealing on curved or rough surfaces

Optional foam-rubber ring seal on suction pads

>> Good sealing on very rough surfaces




Handling of workpieces with variable dimensions and/or undefined positions and of workpieces with holes and apertures

Handling of cardboard boxes, intermediate layers of paper, film-packed goods, trays, etc., particularly in the packaging industry

Fully automatic palletising, commissioning, depalletising and sorting





Large-area vacuum gripper system FXC-SG with integrated vacuum generator; large-area vacuum gripper system FMC-SG for use with an external vacuum generator

Suitable for many different handling tasks thanks to many different suction pads and two different principles of operation (SVK-W, SW)

Modular design permits the combination of several vacuum gripper systems to form a system solution which is perfectly matched to your requirements


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