Lantech stretch wrapping packs them in at AUSPACK 2009

The launch of the US-made Lantech range of stretch wrapping machinery attracted much attention at AUSPACK 2009 earlier this year in Sydney.

Suppliers Integrated Packaging were delighted with Lantech sales from their stand and the significant lead generation from the high volume of visitors to the stand.

Integrated Packaging showcased the full range of semi-automatic stretch wrappers from Lantech including the Q300, Q300XT model and the Q300XT plus model.

Each machine provides customers with a high quality pre stretch at 200 per cent via its powered pre stretch roller system, allowing for effective load containment and lowest dollar per pallet wrapped.

The Q300 model can easily handle up to 25-30 loads per hour and features exclusive Lantech safety features designed to protect operators and prevent accidents and injuries. The Q300XT model with its automatic cut and clamp module, lanyard or remote control starting options ensures forklift operators do not have to wait for loads to be wrapped. Most importantly, fork operators are not required to dismount from the fork to start the wrapper.

The top of the line Q300XT Plus has all the features and benefits of the Q300XT model but features an additional out feed conveyor and unique pallet push arm. This means pallets can be staged on exit to achieve higher productivity.

The Q300XT Plus has the performance capacity of wrapping over 40 pallets per hour.

Integrated Machinery
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