Komatsu unveils world’s first electric hybrid forklift

Komatsu Forklift Australia has officially launched its new materials handling company and released for the first time in Australia its electric Hybrid counterbalance forklift – the world’s first electric hybrid forklift.

At a gala event hosted by sports presenter Ali Mutch at Luna Park, Sydney on September 9, the Komatsu Hybrid was unveiled on centre stage.
Special guests included the president and CEO of Komatsu Utility Japan, Mr Isoda, the Consulate General of Japan Mr Hobo and Japan Consul, Mr Nakayama.

Many of Komatsu’s national and local customers and a wide representation of industry bodies also attended.

The exciting new hybrid technology is the first of its kind in the world providing an opportunity for Australian businesses to productively reduce their CO2 emissions with a more energy efficient electric forklift that runs for longer periods. The new dual power source of a capacitor and maintenance free battery results in an astonishing 11-hour day with a 1 hour recharge interval.    

The managing director of Komatsu Forklift Australia, Ted Ishikawa explained the reasons for the major rebrand.

He said the Australian market had provided Komatsu with the opportunity to establish their first direct distributor operation for forklifts.

Mr Isoda explained: “Komatsu has multiple corporate functions in its organization. Those functions are research, product development, production, sales and marketing, and product support.

“This enables us to timely solve issues raised in the market and to feed back customer needs to our product development for any design changes of the next generation models. We believe that such timely reactions are our strength as a world wide manufacturer.”

David Cullen, general manager of Komatsu Forklift Australia said over the next 12 months the Australian market could expect the following from Komatsu Forklift Australia: 
• Expanded product ranges
• Investment in technology and
• Industry leading fleet management systems

Komatsu Forklift Australia
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